About StrongerDoge

A "meme" coin not so meme...

StrongerDoge is an BSC BEP-20 token with steroids, it is packed with the best of modern cryptocurrencies features including DeFi dApps, NFT marketplace, payments gateway, and also a buyback program and token burning to reduce progressively the circulating supply, becoming the first deflationary meme coin!

As a community project, alternative to the current Doge-like / meme coins market, our mission is clear: bring a project with real-world usage cases, empower an active community (Stronger Army) and allow our investors recover from any losses of other similar projects that had wrong strategies and didn't care about their investors.

We want to become a real use and Stronger Doge coin, with very dynamic, innovative, escalable and complete environment, with the support of a strong community (Stronger Army) and with great returns for our investors, partners and fellows.

  • Audited / certified Smart contracts.
  • Actively developed and maitained products.
  • Locked liquidity for various years on the DEX market.
  • Buyback and token burning.
  • Prepared for the future: Running on the Binance Smart Chain will ensure our users have the lowest fees on their transactions and easy ways to earn by interacting almost with any platform or contract without high fees!
  • As a gesture, symbolically, we will donate to Vitalik Buterin's wallet the first minted Stronger Doge coin and additionally the second minted Stronger Doge will be for Changpeng Zhao (a.k.a CZ Binance)

Benefits of Using Our Solution

StrongerDoge will always have the same supply compared with DogeCoin, the maximum circulating supply that will be on the market is: 10,000,000,000,000 (STRDG), besides it will be reduced with the buyback and token burning program.

Safe and Secure

NFT Marketplace

The Stronger Doge token (STRDG) will be a payment option to create NFT tokens inside the Stronger marketplace, the marketplace will allow the sale of original NFT tokens created by artists and our community.

World Coverage

DeFi dApps

Will be used to create yield pools, stake STRDG tokens and create new tokens among other things.

Instant Exchange

Buyback and token burning program

With the yields obtained from the yield pools we will buyback circulating tokens and will be burn forever using the burning function of the smart contract. This will be performed periodically until the supply is reduced by 50% a disctintive deflationary feature exclusive of Stronger Doge.

Mobile Apps

Stronger payment gateway

The stronger payment gateway will be a feature that allow third parties and merchants to integrate it with their platforms, mobile app, online stores and will have a Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture. This will allow the use of Stronger Doge (STRDG) as a payment method globally. Right now our SCO is running on a BETA version of the Stronger Gateway

Link: https://strongergateway.strongerdoge.com/
Margin Trading

Stronger Staking

When you stake your STRDG tokens on the DeFi dApp, the smart contract will pay high yields depending on the amount of staked tokens and time of staking,the more you stake and the longer time you hold your tokens, the more yields you'll obtain. The staking system will mint the 47.9999% the STRDG tokens during the next 10 years.

Link: https://defi.strongerdoge.com/
Strong Network

Halving schedule

To mint 4799,999,999,998 STRDG (47.999999%) during the next 10 years a halving plan that will reduce the minted tokens per year. The halving schedule is available in our whitepaper and on the gitbook documentation.

Road Map

For the creation of the different functionalities of the StrongerDoge ecosystem, a real stronger doge and a real people's crypto, we will follow this way estimated times of arrival (ETA) are approximated:

Token Allocation

Stronger Coin Offering (SCO) will be the event to distribute StrongerDoge tokens to our investors. We want to give a great opportunity to our investors, for this reason to know about our distribution visit this link token sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the STRDG token in your wallet you must add a custom token in your wallet with the following information:

Token contract address: 0xd5e1b45e5f605536f250caef27ad7c09411241c6

Token name: StrongerDoge

Network: Binance Smart Chain BSC (BEP-20)

Token Symbol: STRDG

Decimals: 18.

Your tokens will be delivered few days after the SCO (Stronger Coin Offering) is sold out.
For the SCO (Stronger Coin Offering) all US residents can participate except residents of N.Y.
StrongerDoge respects your privicy, we don't have and we won't have any KYC process, our mission is to have a decentralized and community-driven product without intentions to collect any of our investors information.
Any unsold tokens will go to the Stronger Doge treasury and eventually with our buy back and burn programs the supply will be reduced in favor of our community and stronger investors!
With the launch of the SCO (Stronger Coin Offering) also will be released our payments gateway with many coins available to choose from at the moment of your purchase.
Yes, in order to make a fair distribution among our investors here are some important things to consider:
  • We will distribute tokens at half of their price for a 48h period, the maximum amount you can purchase will be up to $25,000 per investor
  • After the promotional period the maximum purchase amount will be up to $50,000 per investor
Me, SMINEM and the Stronger Army, we're the ones that support the foundations of this project, join the green side and prepare to earn strong!